Monday, August 2, 2010

Surf Sweets Review

Have you ever heard of organic candy? Sounds like an oxymoron or probably tastes nasty. That was my first thought anyway. I recently had the chance to review Surf Sweets and I was surprised at how yummy the candy was and how "not unhealthy" it was.

Here is a pic of my son, anxiously anticipating ripping this package open and tasting the candy. I try my best to have only healthy snacks around the house, so he thought this was pretty cool........

"Wow mom, you actually want me to eat this?"

After he took the first bite, his eyes rolled in the back of his head and he got a very goofy but satisified grin on his face. I was so busy laughing at him that I didn't get a very good picture of it.

Surf Sweets has several different kinds of candy:

Gummi Bears
Gummi Worms
Jelly Beans
Sour Worms
Fruity Bears
Gummy Swirls
Sour Berry Bears

How could candy be "organic" or even "all-natural"?  Well, it has something to do with the sweetener.  “Where most candy is sweetened with corn syrup, Surf Sweets is not,” says Bert Cohen, President and Founder of TruSweets, LLC. “They’re naturally sweet because they’re made with real organic fruit juice instead of corn syrup, and provide 100% of the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of antioxidant Vitamin C.”

No corn syrup?  Ah ya, I hear the hallelujah chorus singing in the background.

They also have:

No synthetic flavors and artificial colors
No trans fats
No gluten

I have to say that I actually liked this better than any other gummy candy I have tried.  I won't even eat gummy candies because they just taste like colored glue and corn syrup to me.  This stuff actually had flavor and didn't give me gut-rot after eating a handful.

Now, I won't be loading up and feeding this to my family for supper every night, but for an occasional treat, I think I just might turn to Surf Sweets.  Now.......if I could just get my mom and mother-in-law on board........

Candy from Surf Sweets is available at many food stores that sell natural and organic foods.  It is also available online at

I was provided Surf Sweets product for review purposes only and was not compensated for this review.  I was not obligated to give a positive review.....just an honest one.  The above review is my opinion. 


  1. I love Surf Sweets! They are surprisingly tasty!

  2. Never heard of these. I happen to have a secret love of Sour Patch Kids, I wonder how the Surf Sweets sour gummies would compare.