Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kill Those Nasty Gnats!

Around here, we gets gnats and fruit flies really bad this time of year. Here is a simple and frugal way that I get rid of them.

I put about 1/8 cup of apple cider vinegar in a small jar (a pint sized jar is what I typically use). Mix it with one very small drop of dishwashing soap. Then place some plastic wrap over the top.  Screw on the jar lid ring or use a rubber band to hold the plastic in place.  Poke a few holes in the plastic with a toothpick.  That way, the fruit flies can get in the jar, but they apparently are not smart enough to figure out how to escape from the jar.  The apple cider vinegar attracts all the fruit flies and the soap thins the surface of the vinegar. They fly down to take a drink and then fall in and drown. Die you nasty flies....die!


I made a batch the other day and took a picture the next morning.

I counted and there were 78 of those pesky things floating around in the vinegar graveyard. After a few days, the whole bottom of the jar was full. Blech.

If this fly trap is too slow for you, a vacuum hose works well....and it is quite gratifying to suck those nasty little things right out of the air.

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  1. Thanks for the vacuum tip for the flys. Mr E is always on the prowl when we get the one fly in the house. Although it is kind of fun to watch because as much as he hates cats he acts just like that is about to pounce on a mouse, when he goes after the fly.

    I am giving you an award. Drop by my blog to check it out.