Monday, July 19, 2010

Garden of Weed'n Update

It's been a few weeks since I've done a Garden of Weed'n update. So hear ya go.

Our squash and pumpkins are blooming! Woohoo!

Little itty bitty green peppers.

Gobs and gobs of cucumber blossoms and little cucumbers. While I was weeding today, I found a decent sized cuke and picked it. It was SO yummy.

Some lilies.

We also have lots of tomatoes that are starting to turn red, but I couldn't get a decent picture of them. I'm just not much of a photographer.....that and I have a cheap-o camera. Last week I picked enough string beans to fill an ice cream bucket. They were so good!

How are your gardens doing?


  1. Last night we were in town for the movie. Elle was doing so well so her and Chris went for a walk. He said that if your tomatoes do better than the ones he is babying like CRAZY he's going to be mad, lol. Apparently you are breaking every "rule" in his {oh so humble} opinion. *eye roll*
    I'm guessing these are pictures from your country garden though. It looks GREAT! Ours is a weed pit. The rains have been been great, but it sure makes it difficult to get in there and weed!

  2. LOL! And what rules am I breaking? Yes, this is my garden that is at Joel's parents. I only have raspberries and strawberries out at my Grandma's. (For those who don't know, I have nothing at my house, because, well, I don't even have a yard.)

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  6. your veg garden is looking very impressive- isnt it exciting when you get your first things ripe after much watching!! I bet the cukie taste gooood! my kids "sneak" peas out of the garden and eat them by the handful, I dont mind cause it extra veg but have to frown with a hidden smile!!

  7. Yes, it is exciting. I go out almost every day and I can pick something to eat. Love it. That's cute that your kiddos are "sneaking" peas!