Thursday, November 4, 2010

Help Me Choose My Christmas Card!

Yep.  I'm one of those people who send Christmas cards.  I have friends who never send any because they feel like they are wasting money, and that's fine (not to mention super frugal).  But one of my favorite things about the Christmas season is receiving cards and pictures from loved I feel like I should send some love, too.

Most years, I purchase Christmas cards in January when they are 80%-90% off the regular price.  Then I save them and use them the following Christmas.  But every few years, I splurge and get Christmas photo cards.  This year is one of those years.  And Shutterfly is making it very easy for me.

In the past I have ordered pictures through a certain company that I really liked.  Their quality is superior, but their prices are high, too.  Plus, I was getting greatly annoyed with their website.  Time for a switch.  I'm finally jumping on the Shutterfly bandwagon - great price, great quality, a website that is easy to navigate and everything you could want - from birthday invitations to calendars

Ok, on to the cards.  I have it narrowed down to four choices:
-The Snow Flurries Cocoa card is nice.  I like the colors, the snowflakes and the layout.  

-And then there is the Mod Merry Christmas.  I like this one because I can fit so many pictures in it without making it look crowded.  

-Or the Chocolate Lime Snowflakes.  Very simple and very cute.  

-Last is the Snowflake Wishes Cranberry.  Hmmm....I'm starting to see a theme, here.  Reds and browns, snowflakes and simplicity.  

Help!  Which one of these should I pick?

(And I'll be purchasing these through where I will get 8% back!)


  1. I like the snow flurries cocoa and the chocoalte lime. If I had to just pick one...the 1st one is my pick ;)

  2. I vote Snow Flurries.

    I'm doing photo cards this year too. I designed them using Microsoft Publisher. Now we just wait for a lil babe so I can plug the pictures in and have them printed. You have to buy your own envelopes that way, but that actually works out well since I want them addressed and ready BEFORE baby.

    Can't wait to see which ones you choose! I love getting photo cards too. They are so much better than the generic things that people just sign and send without any kind of personalization.

  3. I like the chocolate lime snowflakes! But they are all really cute!

  4. Hey lady, did you know about this? I heart free. :)

  5. Yep. I posted it on the Household Cents FB page last week.....and that's the main reason I did this post. :)

  6. I like snow flurries !
    Very cute blog and now following you, would love a follow back :)
    Hope you are enjoying the blog hop!

  7. I have to vote for the Mod Merry Christmas, I like the tons-of-pics look! Good luck deciding, that's always the hardest part! :)

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