Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cheap Diapers, Part 4


If you have babies, then you have diapers. In our Cheap Diapers Series we have been discussing different kinds of diapers and ways to save money using them. Just for fun, here is a picture of one of my kiddos in a cloth diaper during diaper-changing-time.

Oh my goodness, this cute little goober is now 4 years old. My how the time flies.

Sigh.  Anyway....

So far in our Cheap Diaper Series we have talked with Julie, Courtney and Lori. Today we will be talking with Joy.

Joy and her husband have three children ages 6 and under and she will be giving birth within the next couple of weeks to baby #4. She has been using mostly cloth from the start. I say mostly because she will use the store brand disposables from Wal-Mart when they go on trips. She purchased most of her cloth diapers from a local lady who makes and sells them out of her home. Gotta love that! As far as cloth diaper covers, she likes Bummis because "they are easy to use, clean up well, and line dry fast!"

Another thing that she does with her children that saves A LOT of money in the diaper department is Elimination Communication.  Joy says, "Elimination communication has added to the diaper fund because I have stopped using diapers with all 3 of my kids by the time they were at the latest 16 months old! It takes discipline and it's not always easy, but for me it's been worth it!"

Thanks for sharing, Joy!

What are your thoughts?

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