Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cheap Diapers, Part 2

We talked with one mom about diapering her 6 boys in part 1 of this series.  Today we will be talking with Courtney.

Courtney has three children - two girls and one boy - and another bambino on the way.  She used disposables with her first two and cloth with her third.

As far as disposables go, she said she has tried just about everything.  She hated Huggies, thought Pampers and Luvs were ok, and ended up really liking the Target brand.  So, as far as saving money there, she said she, "took a chance on cheap generics and ended up loving them!"

When baby #3 came along, she really wanted to give cloth diapers a try, even though her "family thought she was nuts."  She experimented a lot in the beginning with cloth diapers like Swaddlebees, BemGenius and SposoEasy.  She ended up really liking Pampered Cheeks.  While trying to find cloth dipes that worked for them, she "saved a bundle" by re-selling what she didn't like on

Thanks, Courtney for all your great info about your diapering experiences!

Have you ever used any of the brands that Courtney mentioned?

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  1. I have to agree with the first part. I hated Huggies. Gave my kids diaper rash...EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I loved Pampers, but we used the Target ones for our last one and save a lot that way. They are way less expensive than Pampers or Huggies. Also, if you go to Huggies or Pampers website and sign up, they will send you a ton of coupons. That's what we did when we wanted to buy pampers. It saved us a bundle.Not sure if they do that anymore though.