Thursday, June 3, 2010

10 Ways to Re-Use an Egg Carton

The last list was about re-using milk cartons and after your suggestions, I decided that this list will be about re-using egg cartons.

So, here it goes:

1. Save those egg cartons and give them to your local chicken farmer. If you know anyone who has some backyard chickens that lay eggs, I bet they would be more than happy to take some cartons off of your hands (you might even get a few free eggs out of the deal).

2. They make great organizers. Put one in a desk drawer and use it to hold paper clips, tacks, rubber bands, etc.

3. Use them as a fire starter for grills, wood stoves, fireplaces, camp fires, etc.

4. Use them to sort change. This works great for when you have a garage sale.

5. The cardboard ones work well as a "nursery" for seeds. Start your seedlings in these and transplant them to your garden when they are ready.

6. Every time you change the garbage, put an egg carton in the bottom of the bag to help "reinforce" the trash bag.

7. I'm not a golfer, but I've heard of people using them to store their golf balls.

8. When painting a picture, the styrofoam cartons would work well for holding the different colors. A cheapskate's painting palette. This would work great for children.....I know my kids would love it.

9. I could see where these would work when you are storing fragile items like Christmas decorations and such.

10. Ok, I cheated. I just turned to my husband and asked him to help me come up with one more idea. He thought the styrofoam cartons might work well to store different kinds of bait when taking the kids fishing.

Phew. There. 10 ways to re-use egg cartons.

Oh - I almost forgot! Crafts! Give a child an egg carton, some markers and some pipe cleaners and see what they come up with! I just did a swagbucks search for "egg carton crafts" which resulted in tons of websites filled with lots of cute ideas.

How about you? Have any more ideas for re-using an egg carton?


  1. I've heard of most of those! Especially using it as a fire starter--I was a Girl Scout and we always used Egg Cartons for that. My dad is a golfer and he uses them for golf balls, too.

    Cheap Geeks Anonymous

  2. These are great ideas! I think my favorite is #1. I never even thought of that! I'm sure some local schools could use them as well.

    Frugal Science Gal

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  4. Great idea's...My grandpa raises backyard chickens so #1 defiantely applies here at our house. I've also used them for seedlings too.

  5. What a unique post, I'm going to have to save a few and use some of your tips! I love the idea about starting your seeds in them :P

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