Thursday, May 20, 2010

10 Ways to Re-Use a Plastic Milk Jug

Every other Thursday I would like to have a sort of top ten list here at Household Cents. A list that has to do with recycling/re-using a household item in interesting, useful and creative ways. Here is my first list:

10 Ways to Re-Use a... Plastic Milk Jug

1. Poke holes in the bottom of it, fill it with water and use it to water your garden/flowers/plants.

2. Cut the bottom off and use the top to cover your seedlings in your garden. My mother-in-law does this in her garden. She says it protects the little plants and acts as a sort of greenhouse (above is a pic of one of the many of her little "greenhouses").

3. Put in your toilet tank to reduce the amount of water used with every flush.  (My hubby says to make sure you have water or rocks or something in the milk jug to weigh it down.)

4. Rinse well and fill it with water. Let it sit uncovered for a day or two. Use this water to give your house plants a drink. My mom swears that her plants do better on this day-old water. I'm not sure why...

5. Fill 2/3 full with water and freeze. Store them in your freezer to keep it full. A full freezer doesn't need to run as often or work as hard as a freezer that is only half full or less. Plus, if the electricty goes out, all those frozen ice jugs will aid in keeping the food frozen longer.

6. Cut a slot near the top for putting coins in and use it as a "piggy bank". If it is for your kids, let them decorate it, too.

7. Cut in half. Both halves make great sandbox toys.

8. Cut the bottom off and use the top part as a funnel for lots of different things: sand in a sandbox (see #7), food in the kitchen, changing the oil in your vehicle, etc.

9. Cut it like the above picture and use it as a scoop. This type of scoop works great for kitty litter, dog food, bags of bulk foods (such as grains or flour), birdseed, etc.

10. An empty milk jug makes a great dog toy. My mom's dog LOVES to play with them.

Phew....I came up with 10 of them. Got any more ideas for re-using a milk jug?


  1. Great ideas! My dog used to love milk jugs too, they were always a favorite toy.

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  2. what a great post (and blog too) - I just found you from friendly friday :)

    I have another idea for you (it's not mine though) but my son's daycare a few years ago cut off part of the top and made them into easter baskets. The kids got to decorate the whole outside w/ easter stickers and color w/ markers and then the inside was filled w/ recycled paper shreds - it was very cute!

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  6. Never mind the dog, my daughter likes to play with them... lol.

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  7. Great post I think I will use a few of your ideas. I am sure our dog owuld love to chew on a milk jug. We get our milk in bags, unless we buy it at the Mac Milk, sometimes I go when it's cheapter then the grocery store. Great tips!

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  9. Those are great ideas! When I was in elementary school we used to make Easter baskets that looked like bunny rabbits out of milk cartons.

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  12. Wow, that's amazing. I'll have to think twice before I throw out that next milk jug! :0)

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  13. I've been thinking about a post like this myself! We go through so many milk jugs, I thought there must be something I can do with them. Thanks for the tips! I'm your newest follower from Friendly Friday.