Monday, April 5, 2010

Money $aving Monday - Quick Tip

Manufacturer Coupons

If you have products that you love, but would like to have some coupons to use when purchasing them, you could write to the manufacturer.  I've done this.  Most of the time I write to them telling them how much I like their product and why.  Almost always, I'll get a 'thank you' from them along with some very valuable coupons that can't be found anywhere else.

It's even easier to write to manufacturers now because of the internet.  I usually just go to their website and find the "contact us" link and send them a quick email.  The last one I did was from a free sample that I listed on the Household Cents' Facebook page.  I ordered the free sample, and liked it so much that I wrote to the company thanking them for the sample.  In return, they sent me some pretty sweet coupons good towards that product.  (Don't tell my kids that I just used the word 'sweet' in that context.  They'll roll their eyes at me and call me a dork.)

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  1. Thanks for posting the tip. I sure will start doing that with my favorite products. That's a good idea. Thanks for sharing. That sounds like my kids rolling their eyes and calling me a dork. HAVE A NICE SPRING DAY!!!

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