Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yard Sale Season

In light of my last guest post, Rich over at Garage Sales Tracker has a post to share, also.  Thanks so much Rich!

Yard Sales

With spring coming up it may be time to start considering saving some extra cents from shopping at the department stores all winter and look into where the real spring and summer time bargains are. If you love to save money and get great bargains than you may want to look into the springtime phenomenom know as Yard Sales. Usually these spring cleaning sales consist of lots of antiques, clothes, jewelery, electronics, and other valuable and some not so valuable items that a household has accumulated throughout the years and has finally decided to part with.
The best part about a garage sale is that the items for sale are all marked down well below what you would pay for at any retail or consignment store and all items are tax free! Now thats savings makes cents. If you are looking to find a weekend treasure hunting experience there are many services online such as garage sale tracker, oodle, and local newspapers as well as applications that are now available on cell phones to find the closest local rummage sales.

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