Monday, March 29, 2010

Money $aving Monday

Nice vase, eh?
It resides in my nephew's house. He and his fiance put it there to throw all their loose change in. I know lots of people who do this.....they have some sort of container that stores their spare change. Then when it's full, they bring it into the bank and deposit it into savings or exchange it for cash and spend it. This is a great way to save up some extra money. My mom does this and she even has a seperate container for each type of coin. The last time she cashed them in, she had over $300. Not bad for a little spare change. This is really nice for those with jobs involving tips - waitresses, waiters, bartenders, the Piano why am I suddenly wanting to go listen to Billy Joel?


  1. One of my sons is a huge saver. We just found his stash of coins this weekend and were shocked. My husband cut a slit in a large mason jar for him and screwed the lid on really tight. Too tight for a kid to be tempted to get in, but not so tight we'll have to break the jar to get the money out. It makes me so proud to see my kids being such good savers.

  2. Wow, my husband just did the exact same thing for our kiddos! Great minds think alike!