Thursday, August 25, 2011

Amazon Mom

Are all of you aware of the program called Amazon Mom?  It's offered by and according to their website, it's "a free membership program aimed at helping parents and caregivers use Amazon to find all the products their family needs."

What is it exactly?  Well, you can read all the details on their Amazon Mom Help Page.  But some of the benefits include:

  • 30% off select diapers and wipes
  • Up to 15% off of almost everything else
  • Exclusive deals
  • Free two-day shipping

It doesn't cost anything to sign up and all you have to do is be a parent or a caregiver.  Pretty neat, eh?  Have you heard of this program?  Do you like it?


  1. I used to like it when they had free 2-day shipping. I used it all.the.time. I don't use it at all anymore. I don't want to wait up to 2-weeks for my stuff even if it was free shipping. I'd rather go to the store and get it.

  2. Ya, the free 2-day shipping (prime) is only good for the first three months. After that, every $25 you spend goes towards another free month, up to a year.

    There are plenty of things that I am more than willing to wait two weeks for in order to get the free shipping. But not everything.