Monday, June 13, 2011

Grilling Out

Have you ever tried Lawry's marinades?  I didn't even know they existed....I'm a make-it-yourself-marinade kinda girl.  But I recently received some Lawry's products and was able to try them.  Here is what I received:

Now I prefer to use Real Salt or Sea Salt when adding saltiness to my food.  My hubby is a Lawry's Seasoned Salt freak.  But he didn't know they made marinades, either, so I think he was more excited than I was to try them!

I soaked some chicken legs in their Original Seasoned Salt 30-minute marinade and threw them on the grill.  They were really good!  I was curious to see how my kiddos would react to them since they are used to eating grilled chicken legs with only salt, pepper and olive oil on them.  They gobbled them up with no complaints!

 (This picture is a little dark because my husband stepped in front of the light in order to grab some chicken as I was taking the picture.  He didn't want to wait.....)

I like that there are no MSG's in the seasoned salt and marinades.  That is a definite plus.  I don't think I'll use a marinade every time we have meat, but I will use these on occasion.

I am a Bzzagent and received these products for free in return for an honest opinion.


  1. What good Midwestern boy doesn't love his Lawry's?

    Next time you do a beef roast, smother the thing with Lawry's and some pepper and cook slow all day...seriously to die for!

  2. I love me some Lawry's. I didn't know they had marinades either. Those chicken legs looks yummy!