Monday, December 6, 2010

Snowflake Patterns

Do you like to make paper snowflakes?  We do.  I thought I would share two websites that have wonderful snowflake patterns.  Every December, we make a bunch of these and hang them on our doors and around the house.

Free Snowflake Patterns:

Dave's Paper Snowflakes
(This website has membership fees in order to get all 450 patterns, but they do have several free patterns and links to more snowflake websites.)

3-D Paper Snowflakes
(These are so pretty!)



  1. We made the 3-D ones last year, they were a lot of fun and very pretty. They'd be fabulous with sparkly paper!

  2. The 3-D snowflakes are beautiful. We're still working on very simple patterns and learning to cut paper without doing damage to fingers. I have high hopes and am booking marking this for a future year. Thanks!