Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cheap Diapers, Part 3

So far, in our Cheap Diaper series, we have talked with Julie and Courtney.  Today we will be talking with Lori (we have talked with her before, she gave us some great tips for garage sales).

Lori, tell me about your kids and how you diapered them frugally:

I have 4 children and used mostly cloth for the first 2 and all disposable for the second 2.

When I used cloth, I used the old fashioned kind that needed pins. As far as disposables, I use whatever I can get on sale.

I have always liked the Walmart brand White Cloud, but they stopped making them. I think my current favorite is Luvs.

I want the cheapest diaper that I can get that does the best job. There are some super cheap brands that are worthless but I can get Luvs on sale and sometimes with a coupon.

I'm a horrible mother and don't change their diaper as often as I should! Ha, not really, but I'm certainly not the kind who changes every time they pee. Cloth diapers was certainly a money saver, but I just lost the vision for it after my first 2, plus my husband was not really into them. I figure if he is willing to spend the $ on disposables, why am I going to all the work of cloth?

I think if you have the vision for cloth diapering it is a wonderful way to save in that area. It requires a certain amount of tolerance and patience that disposables do not. I used to feel guilty about buying disposables, though that is now passed. It still does kill me to buy them (I usually send my husband!!) but I know that I am saving money in other significant ways.

How about you?  Have you tried both cloth and disposable?  What conclusions did you come to?


  1. Not directly related to this, but today as I was folding and putting away my cloth diapers, I realized that I don't want to use them anymore. :( It was comforting to read that Lori used cloth and then switched to sposies. I still feel guilty and I do really really LOVE my diapers, I just can not get them to stop smelling like anhydrous and I don't exactly want my newborn baby smelling like that, ya know?

  2. Have you tried washing them somewhere that has soft water? I wonder if that would make a difference for you. Have you dried them in the sun? I always used extra Borax and vinegar and that took the smell out. But some say that Borax wears out whatever. What are you going to do with yours stash now?

  3. When I wash them at my sister's they don't stink at all. She also uses the same kind I do and hasn't had a problem. She has hard water, but it's not well water. We have a water softener and she doesn't, so it must be some mineral in our well rather than the hardness. :( I do sun them, it zaps stains, but not the stink. I've tried Borax, Dawn, Bac-Out, vinegar, and every other trick in the book.
    I'll just sell them all I suppose. I have a lot and they are in impeccable condition. That should fund a lot of sposies...