Monday, June 28, 2010


The other day, I was discussing deodorant with a friend. (Come on, don't you ever talk about odor control with your friends?) We were talking about the fact that neither of us are interested in putting anything on our skin that contains aluminum, but we aren't really interested in having stinky armpits, either.

So what's a health-conscious frugalista to do?

My solution = Deodorant Crystal.

I have used this stuff for three years and have been very happy with the results. You apply it to your wet, clean armpits - fresh from the shower. Apparently, the mineral salt crystals prevent odor by neutralizing the odor-causing bacteria in our armpits. Regular deodorants use chemicals to mask the odor that's already there.

Ok, so it works great. But is it cheap?

Well, at, the price of the Deodorant Crystal is $6.49. The price of the regular deodorant I used to use is $3.19. BUT.......the Deodorant Crystal lasts 12 months and a container of regular deodorant only lasts 3-4 months. Meaning, I could spend $6.49 per year on something that is healthier for me and works great, or I could spend $9.57 per year on something that contains potential toxins. Hmmmm....

How about you? Have you ever tried anything like this?

Just to let you know - I wasn't paid or bribed to do this post. I just did it because I wanted to. How's that for a disclosure? ;)


  1. So this stuff is natural? If so, I might have to think of trying it. I have a medical condition that wearing deodorant causes to act up because of the chemicals. Maybe this would work for me!

    Cheap Geeks Anonymous

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  3. Sounds like something I should give a try.

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  4. Hi, I'm a new follower. I have been thinking about trying this, after your post, I think I will. Thanks.

  5. Well gosh, you didn't tell your "friend" that Alice carries it! She was having trouble getting to GNC... off to order from Alice and send you some Alice credits. Win - win for us both. :)

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  10. I tried a crystal once and hated it. I still smelled. So this really works eh? I'm not granola at all. Maybe I'll care when I'm 60 and have Alzheimers but then I won't even remember what I did the day before so it won't matter. I'll die stink free. LOL. Totally kidding.

  11. Sounds great! Simply using baking soda and corn starch also works, and it is frugal too. :-D

  12. I tried using baking soda once and it burned my arm pits. Then I used this supposedly natural rock type thing with the same results. This admittedly was years ago. This stuff is packaged like regular deodorant so maybe, yes, I'll take a chance since I'm trying to get away from all these chemicals in everything. Thanks for the head ups! Here goes nothing..


  13. It has worked pretty well for me in the past, however, it doesn't stop wetness, only stinkiness! Trader Joe's sells a brand for I think less than $6.