Monday, May 10, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Do you have a garden? I enjoy gardening. It's one of our summer activities that I really look forward to - well, except for the weeds. Here in the upper Midwest we don't have much growing yet, but I thought I would post a couple of pictures.

Why? I don't know.

-Maybe to inspire you to start a garden. Gardening can really put a dent in the grocery bill and it can be really relaxing to get outside and dig around in dirt.

-Or maybe just to put some nice pictures on the blog.

Our strawberries are blooming!

Apple tree blossoms in our little orchard.

So, what is growing/blooming in your garden?


  1. I would love to grow a garden but 1) everything I touches dies with the exception of my kids..ha ha. And 2) we have a major rabbit problem here. We might start one up, but with such little growing time, it hardly seems worth it.

  2. We LOVE gardening! One of the perks of moving to MO is longer growing season :) My husband decided to double the garden this year plus we keep adding fruit trees!! Its worth the work in the long run.

    The family who gardens together, eats well together...

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  4. Happy Friday Follow!

    Our crab apples have just lost their flowers but the peonies look like they will be early this year!


  5. Remember the old saw, "And how does your garden grow?" (yours looks great)

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  7. I can't wait until our strawberries come in.

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  8. Thanks for sharing!! I love strawberries, we need to get some planted!!!