Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Energy Efficient CFL Bulbs

Found this potential freebie for two CFL bulbs over at Shelley's Swag.

Since we are on this subject, I was wondering if you have ever used these types of bulbs and noticed the significant savings that they promise?  We have not had any luck with them at all.  We have purchased several different brands from different stores.  None of them have even come close to lasting as long as they are supposed to and we didn't notice any difference in our utility bill.  I would love to see the savings that they promise and I like to do my part to be responsible when it comes to being environmentally friendly.  What are we doing wrong?


  1. I totally agree. We have also tried many of these different brands and they weren't any different from the normal ones. Our eletric bill didn't change either. A total waste of money. We are now back to the cheap ones from the Dollar Store.
    ~ Christy

  2. I'm with you on that. I have never noticed a savings and none less near as long as they claim either. Good discussion.